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“I have lived a creative life as a singer songwriter for over fifty years. Yet, locked away inside my perfectionist heart is a restrained longing to paint and to write books. I give thanks to John Connor for his insightful and illuminating book The Straightjacket of Perfectionism — he has provided me a key to free my creative soul. I recommend this book to stymied perfectionists everywhere.”

— Dana Cooper

“This is a little gem of a book that reveals the traps we have set for ourselves, shows us how to escape them, and frees us to run toward the things we have always wanted to do and be. John Connor offers insight into our under-achievement patterns that can completely upend them and gives us tools to use to get traction toward our dreams. Resist the urge to procrastinate and read this now!”

– Rev. Karen Tudor
Unity of Houston, TX
2017 Chair of the Board of Trustees
Unity Worldwide Ministries

“Well written and entertaining, this book is full of helpful advice. I recognized myself in some of the stories – and I bet you will too! Don’t waste time criticizing yourself. Use your time instead reading this book and trying the tips within it!”

— Cindy Wigglesworth
Author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

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