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Do You Procrastinate?

Do You Procrastinate? Do you start projects that are important to you, but then abandon them? Like so many, you probably have internalized perfectionism without even realizing it. You have big dreams, great goals that you keep secret because you don't want to be...

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Workshops and Speaking

I have done workshops and Speaking on “The Straitjacket of Perfectionism” to Mental Health care professionals, and patients. To church groups and business seminars. While certainly not everyone has strong perfectionistic tendencies, every group seems to have a...

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For speeking, workshops or personal consulting

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Raves About the Book

"I have lived a creative life as a singer songwriter for over fifty years. Yet, locked away inside my perfectionist heart is a restrained longing to paint and to write books. I give thanks to John Connor for his insightful and illuminating book The Straightjacket of...

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Do you like to listen to books? Me too. has the audio book version of The Straitjacket of Perfectionism available. It was recorded and edited by Martin Dowman of Light & Water, and narrated by - ahem - the author. Do you have a favorite nonfiction audiobook? I'd love to hear your...

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