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Perfect is mostly a myth: Creative Voice vs. Critical Voice

Outside of things like math tests, "Perfect" is mostly a myth. Yet it isn't even just that. You expect to make no mistakes -- or only just a few -- on your way to doing difficult tasks: learning the piano, writing a business plan, parenting, or creating the next hit...

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Talk on The Straitjacket of Perfectionism

Events > 2017 > May > Talk on The Straitjacket of Perfectionism

About this event:

Created by John Connor

2801 S Interstate 35 Frontage Rd., Suite #110, Austin, TX 78741
You will learn why you are stuck in neutral on your most creative, long-term goals. And your Perfectionism -- unrealistic expectations of yourself -- will be confronted and overcome to begin making progress on manifesting your dreams into reality.  Yes, really and truly.

Do you like to listen to books? Me too.

In the next few weeks, will have an audio version of The Straitjacket of Perfectionism available. It was recorded and edited by Martin Dowman of, and narrated by - ahem - the author. Do you have a favorite nonfiction audiobook? I'd...

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Book Signing Austin

I spoke to a group of aspiring authors in Austin about freeing up your creativity through letting go of perfectionism.  They were really engaged in the topic and “got it”.  We had a fun book-signing afterward.

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